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Liquid Damage

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If you have spilled some liquid on to your laptop, give us a call and get it in here as soon as possible! If you spilled a little water on it a week or two ago and didn’t do anything about it but now you’re experiencing some small issues, that could also be a big problem. Whatever the case, we absolutely recommend you bring it in as soon as possible. Waiting a week is an easy way to turn a minor cleaning into a motherboard replacement. 

If we can’t fix it, you don’t pay. It’s that simple!

Prices vary by model and severity of damage (contact us for a FREE Quote!), but it absolutely makes sense to fix. Computers are expensive machines, so don’t let that morning coffee spill turn your laptop into a paperweight!

Hopefully we won’t need to replace any parts (because that will mean that we didn’t get to it in time to save everything. In any case, this repair can take some time because it requires us fully disassembling the entire laptop and thoroughly cleaning every part that could be damaged.

Our Liquid Damage Repair service will thoroughly clean your motherboard and your laptop’s other components after a spill. There is almost never data loss, as we have some of the best cleaning methods in the business. Contact us if you would like more details!

If you only dropped a few drops of water next to your mouse pad, you’re probably going to be okay. However, if you have spilled any significant amount of liquid within your computer, it’s highly recommended that you fix it ASAP to minimise any hardware damage. This is among the more complicated repairs that we offer, so the sooner we get to it, the better.