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Virus Removal

Free Estimate

Viruses and or Malware on your computer can be a massive pain to deal with. It may not stop you from being able to actually get your work done, but pop-ups are bothersome. Even if you’re not dealing with pop-ups, just your computer is getting slower and slower, we should be able to fix up your desktop or laptop with either virus removal or a fresh windows reinstall. Either way, use the “contact us” form to arrange a drop off and we will take a look and give you a free quote, we’ll have it back to you as soon as we can!

If we can’t fix it, you don’t pay. It’s that simple!

Our Virus Removal service will do whatever we can to get rid of any and all viruses, off of the computer. If all else fails we will reinstall windows after saving your data.

This depends on the severity of the problems with the computer. The most it could cost is the price of a reinstall.

You will know if you have some of these symptoms: Your computer is slowing down. Annoying adds are displayed. Crashes. Pop-up messages. Internet traffic suspiciously increases. Your browser homepage changed without your input. Unusual messages show unexpectedly. Your security solution is disabled.