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Windows Reinstall

50€ hard drive wipe and windows install

Above + aditional software and or personal data Free Estimate

Software issues with your computer can be a pain to deal with. If it is booting up extra slowly or you’ve just noticed your computer misbehaving in otherwise unexplained ways, a fresh reinstall could be just what the doctor ordered. Hopefully this can fix your laptop and have it back to working like a brand new model all over again. As always, we’re here to help so fill in the “contact us” form or give us a call we can answer any questions you might have.

If we can’t fix it, you don’t pay. It’s that simple!

Our PC Reinstall service will factory reinstall the software on your desktop or laptop. YES, we can save the data (if you need it) before reinstalling your computer.

No parts are required for this repair so it could be done in quite a hurry, depending on our current workload and availability. If you need it back in a hurry, ask about our rush services!

If your desktop or laptop isn’t booting properly, has a variety of software issues, or just isn’t quite right, a reinstall is right for you! A factory reinstall will fix all kinds of problems with your machine and is a great way to get things back to normal.